Remote Services

Managed Workspace

We are proud to add new services to our lineup. We now offer remote monitoring managed workplace packages as well as web design. Our remote monitoring packages oversees all of your company's hardware off-site and notifies us when there are warning signs. This service allows us to catch catastrophic system failures before they occur. It also allows us make sure you're getting scheduled backups and that your systems are up-to-date.
Affordable remote monitoring of your company's technology is now available. With managed workplace technology, we can remotely monitor the condition of most hardware installed at your job site as well as mobile devices that are affiliated with your business. Once installed, we will be able to perform many maintenance and troubleshooting tasks without the need to disrupt your workplace. We can even remotely manage your firewall and antivirus as well as a multitude of other programs. Don't wait until your servers are already down! Call today so we can detect the problems before they become severe. For some problems, you may need us to come to your home or office, check us out here for details on computer repair around Denver.